Roofing – Tips For Improving It

A properly installed and maintained roof is necessary for the health of your home. It’s important to get the roofing done right so that it lasts as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to avoid a mistake that can shorten the life of your roof.

Use a coat of roofing tar. When asphalt shingles are used, the tendency is that they do not last very long. That’s why some people install a layer of tar to the roof. The tar acts as a sealant to protect the top of the roofing material and also offers a protective barrier against water.

Do not install a shingle roof without shingle preparation. It’s also important to make sure that the roofing shingles are firmly affixed to the roof. Look for any cracks in the shingles and take steps to repair them.

Inspect the water source. Do not assume that your roof is clean if you’re looking at the exterior. Check the gutters, rain gutters, and downpipes to see if there is any debris. Make sure that all is running clear.

If you live in an area that sees such harsh weather conditions, a roof must be treated in order to handle them. Towing and setting up awnings is one way to do that. Also, using UV-resistant and water-resistant coatings can reduce exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Make sure the roof is watertight. Even with proper roofing, leaks can occur. Be sure to have it caulked or painted for the initial few years so that if there are any problems, they are caught before they become bigger. It will also cut down on water damage.

Treat the roofing materials properly. Don’t use abrasive cleaners on the flashing. You can make your roof more porous by using silica instead.

Ensure good ventilation and drainage. A storm sewer system provides adequate drainage. Provide room for the water and air to move around and are a great way to absorb water.

Get a lower shutter whenever the sun beats down. Not only does the heat cause cracking of the shingles, but they can lead to rot and insect infestation. Properly installed and maintained, shutters will last longer than just dusted shingles.

Clean the gutters every few months. Don’t neglect the task, because even the slightest crack can allow the water to get into the gutters. This can then flood the house, clog the drains, and spread mold and mildew.

Keep the roofing nails clean. Nails are part of the roofing material, so it’s important to take care of them. They can rust and can cause problems when a homeowner is working on the roof.

It’s best to keep the above advice in mind when it comes to keeping your roofing looking its best. It may cost a little more upfront, but you’ll be glad you did.